CALICO - Western Film
& background information

CALICO was written, directed, edited, and starred Brandon Watson -- merely
13-years-old during production. Because of this incredible feat, Calico is being praised
for its showcase of mature and quality filmmaking from someone so young. Due to his
beautiful and captivating portrayal of orphan Joshua Ingram, Brandon has been signed in
Hollywood, California by Global Artist Agency, who were amazed by his talent. Brandon
had also been signed prior to the production of Calico by Los Angeles manager Ron
Sampson, whom also manages academy-award-nominated actor Gary Busey. Under the
mentor-ship of Ron since December 2013, Brandon has grown substantially as a writer,
actor, and filmmaker, and is already in the pre-production phase of his next film.
Brandon's current goal is to get Calico in the hands of YOU, the audience, to move and
inspire people around the world.


BRANDON WATSON'S interview on B Scene TV with Will Steph Wilson can be found on
Facebook page here:

...another interview / PODCAST:

BRANDON'S father, Gary Watson, playing the guitar! Mr. Gary Watson was inducted into
The American Federation of Musician's Hall of Fame:

BRANDON'S brother Robbie Watson:



Teri Ortal has been working in the entertainment industry, in film, media, radio, tv and
Internet, for 46 years, for companies like Disney, Technicolor, KLXA-TV 40, United
Broadcasting/KALI, Video-Sol and more! Teri's many talents include creating products of
exceptional quality in post-production using industry-standard software like Final Cut
Pro, the Adobe Suite, Avid, and her knowledge of the film and TV industry is endless.
Teri is using this very knowledge to help Brandon reach his goal, and we're proud to
welcome her onto the Windsor Artist Productions team!

In order to reach Brandon's goal, he needs YOUR help!

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Calico: Official Trailer -

... is a western love story set in the year 1898 in New York City.
When 16-year-old Joshua Ingram rescues 15-year-old Priscilla
O'Neill from the cold, dark city streets and takes her into his
tenement, their relationship evolves into something truly
compelling. 5 months after the tragic loss of his parents, Josh
receives the funds from his father's life insurance policy along with
the proceeds of the sale of his business, after which he and
Priscilla rescue 4 starving orphans and relocate to the deserted
mining town of Calico, California, where they begin building a new
life for themselves. Life in Calico is great until the past comes back
one last time -- for one last showdown.