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           “THE DAY HEAVEN CRIED”                      
                       Part 1 of 4

If God is a God of mercy, why will He destroy the
world, why does He kill innocent people, children
and babies in wars, and why will He torture those He
created in a lake of fire?  1. Well, why not? Is your
heart strong enough to handle the truth, and can you
even hold back your fears and tears to read the
saddest, scariest story ever written since God wrote
His Holy Bible?  2. Just imagine how Almighty God
the Father, Almighty God the Holy Spirit and His
angles and little cherubs must have felt, when they
cried and saw God’s only begotten, innocent,
sinless, precious and beloved Son Jesus Christ
praying and crying out to God so bad in the mount of
olives because he was so afraid that He would soon
be tortured and crucified in the most satanic, sadistic
and inhumane way and then be crucified. For God
says in his Holy Bible that no person in world history
has ever been tortured and endured the pain and
suffering that Jesus went through.  3.a He begged
and cried out to His Father God, that if there was any
other way that you, I, and all of past present and
future mankind could just be saved without Him
having to be mentally and physically tortured so bad,
to please find another way, but only if it was God’s
will, not his own. Then His Father sent an angel
down from heaven to comfort and strengthen Him,
and being in extreme mental agony, He began
sweating great big drops of blood mingled with
watery sweat.  3b. Luke 22:41-44   41 He knelt down
and prayed, 42 saying Father, if it be thy will take
this cup from Me; nevertheless, not My will, but your
will be done. 43. Then and angel appeared to Him
from heaven strengthening Him. 44. And being in
agony, He prayed more earnestly. Then his sweat
became like great drops of blood falling to the
ground.  4. Oh How heaven cried when they saw
how Jesus Christ’s enemies (and their own enemies
also) mocked and persecuted him, spit on him,
whipped him with a cat of nine tails and tortured him
so bad that his visage (both face and body) wasn’t
recognizable. (a cat of nine tails is a short or long
whip with nine strands and sharp jagged edges n
each strand, a dreadful whip that tears the flesh to
shreds with each stroke. It’s a miracle that Jesus
Christ didn’t bleed to death from this alone, before
being crucified.  5. And how heaven cried even more
when they saw him with hardly a drop of energy left,
painfully crying and struggling from the courtyard to
Mount Calvary with a crown of big thorns on his
forehead waling and falling to his own crucifixion;
and as all in heaven also watched His Mother, His
girlfriend Mary Magdalene, John the beloved and all
those in the crowd that loved Him, crying as well.  6.
And if that weren’t enough, all in heaven and all
those who witnessed His crucifixion cried in horror
as they saw God’s only begotten Son and the world’s
only Savior allowing himself to be tortured and crying
and screaming in horrendous pain as He finally
allowed himself to be crucified with stakes almost as
big, or as big as railroad spikes. (God has revealed
to me as I finish the last parts of this story, Christ’s
hanging on the cross was the worst agony, pain and
suffering the He endured from the time that he
allowed himself o be captured and tortured to his
final crucifixion).  7. But the best part of our Lord
Jesus Christ’s crucifixion was hat just when his
enemies thought that they had defeated our Almighty
God and King of the Jew, is when, just before Jesus
Christ finally allowed himself to die, He cried out and
screamed out with a loud victory Cry, it is finished.  
8. And God the Father, and God, the Holy Spirit, and
all the angels in heaven and Enoch and I also cried
out, IT IS FINISHED and all of our tears of pain and
horror instantly turned into tears of joy and gladness,
as we all happily sand many Hallelujah and praises
to our Lord for a while.  This PART 1 and God
inspired and God given story titled: THE DAY THAT
HEAVEN CRIED is continued in part 2 and can be
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